The Wedding of

Anna Churchouse & Chris Thomson

23rd August 2008

Thank you so much for visiting. We are looking forward to seeing everyone at our wedding. We hope that this site will serve a couple of functions.


We really appreciate people coming from near and far and going to the expense of hotels and travel. We ask for no more, as your presence on our big day is dear to us. But for those who wish to give something extra, we have organised a gift registry at

Search for "Thomson" or "Churchouse" and you'll soon find the right place.

You probably know that we are now living in Australia and with just 20kg baggage allowance, we don't have much space to bring back gifts.

Useful Info

Click here for the local accommodation list. (Camp site added)

Photos and Memories

We hope that we can all share our photos of the day here on this site. If you have a digital camera and a computer with an internet connection, you can upload the photos to a website like If you e-mail us the link, we can post it here and then we can all share the photos. To give you an idea of how it would work, take a look at a few of our pics from our first few months in Australia and of our holiday in Japan when we got engaged!

Japan Photos!

Australia Photos!

Wedding photos coming end of August!

If you have any ideas for anything else you'd like to see here, please e-mail us and let us know.

Look forward to seeing you in August!

Loads and loads of love,

Xxxx Chris & Anna xxxX




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