From August 1999 to August 2000 I lived in Ishonomaki town, Miyagi prefecture in Japan. I worked as an assistant English teacher at 2 schools. It was the most rewarding experience I have had.

Below are some photo galaries of my experiences in Japan. For accounts of my experiences in Japan, see Essays.

Japan School Galary

Working in Schools

I worked in 2 schools. A boys high school and a fisheries school. Teaching was great fun, the staff really knew how to have a great time and the students, although not so motivated to learn English, were always interested in learning about me!

Japan Culture Galary


Travelling around Japan, I saw lots of interesting things and as a foreigner I was invited to lots of interesting cultural events, parties and gatherings. The most interesting was the Tea Ceremony! This galary is a sample.

Japan Places Galary


It would have been wrong to travel so far and not take a look around. Here are some of the interesting places I saw.

Friends Adventures Galary

Friends Antics

All the westerners were over in Japan for the same reasons and got on really well in our extracurricular jobs as "Cultural Ambassadors".....