Val d'Isere


Val d'Isere is renowned as having some of the best off piste in the world because of its huge and varying terrain and easy access. Because of this fame, the growth of the resort and off-pisting popularity increasing, popular off piste areas get tracked out very quickly. But, if you are up for a bit of a walk (5 mins usually does it) or a bit of a climb, you will still find loads of untouched areas even if it has been weeks after the last snow fall. Take a guide to make the best of it if you are on holiday and always make sure you have the right equipment and are prepared for all the dangers. Speak to any of the rental or guide shops to be pointed in the right direction.

The Area

The runs in Val d'Isere link up with the resort-towns of La Fornet, Tignes and Brevier to create an enormouse area to explore called L'Espace Killy. 6 months in my last season still didn't see me experienceing all the runs! Lift passes can be baught to cover the whole area.

The Runs

There is easily the variety of runs to service any level of skier. If you are staying in Val d'Isere, it is a bit more difficult to ski back into the resort as the runs are more advanced. Most people prefer to cross to La Daille and catch the free bus (5 mins) back to Val as the main route back to Val from the Bellevarde area by skiing is down the area of La Face, which is the mens olympic downhill run. It is often choked at the end of the day with hundreds people who may have bitten off a little more than they can chew by returning that way.

Links and resources

Here are some links that could be interesting and useful. All the useful stuff comes from here anyway.
Piste Map You guessed it! But for now go through the above link.
Snow Report Weather forcast for Val plus snow leves on slopes.
Web Cam A shot of the bottom of the nursery slopes and of the Tourist Office
VIP A very reputable chalet company in Val. I'm not biased just cos I worked there!

December 2005 PICS

A few pics and videos of my holiday 2005