If you are thinking about taking a bit of time out after school or you are in a job that is not really making you feel like you are alive, a winter season may well prove tho be the thing for you. You will usually have to work hard, but you can spend hours almost every day out on the slopes in often beautiful sunny blue sky days, have drinks with your friends after the day and socialise with lots of like minded people at night.

I am about to head off on my 3rd winter season. I have put together a few bits of information that might be useful as a starting point for people wondering what life in a ski resort is like and how to start looking.

My first full season was in Val d'Isere, France from November 2001 to May 2002. I then went straight off to Queenstown in New Zealand for another season until October 2002. I am now off on my 3rd winter (18 months of winter!) back to Val d'Isere. This was originaly supposed to be 6 months out, but the life is too good not to lap up while I'm young!

Check the links above and below for some ideas.

Searching for Work
Useful Links
A Day in the Life of a Chalet Host